About: Where it Began.

Early days in the Garden of Eden.

Early days in the Garden of Eden.

It all began with one of those curve balls life throws at you when you’re not looking. Oh, I don’t mean being a gardener. I’ve always been happiest with my hands in the dirt (in fact, family lore has it I was found under a cabbage leaf as a babe – no joke!). Rather, I mean how this tiny garden project came about.

In the the past I’ve always  had ample room to create gardens; sometimes even hectares of space. Downsizing my home presented new challenges, not the least was how I could have a garden in an apartment complex. I imagined a balcony crowded with pots, cramped but do-able. I was delighted to eventually find a ground floor apartment with a tiny courtyard – just the ticket!

The courtyard had its genesis in a barren imagination – definitely not one belonging to a gardener. When I moved in, a scrap of lawn, a few misplaced shrubs and a tree in one corner was the sum of it.

So, I set about digging up turf, scraping to re-level, lugging bags of soil,  heaving bricks, laying pavers, setting up irrigation, spreading stones and building a small retainer wall. I didn’t realise how handy I was. Anything I needed to know, I learnt from asking others or YouTube. Sometimes I prowled the aisles at Bunnings, accosting unsuspecting attendants or even fellow customers who might be in the know.

Then I planted.

I created my garden from plants I brought from my old abode, some that I grew from cuttings or bought at the markets, some that were plant gifts from friends, and others I inherited from ancestors and relatives who had moved on to other states, both geographical and spiritual.

Periodically, I stood back and surveyed the result as a painter might survey her canvas. Slowly the whole picture began to take shape, each element having its own story: tiny triumphs, little disasters and huge satisfaction.

I have proven a beautiful garden can be created in the smallest of spaces with very little cost. All that is needed is imagination, some resourcefulness and the will to succeed – much like living a life I think. The benefits far outweigh the effort.

It is these stories of creating and learning from gardening in my tiny space that I wish to share with you.


47 responses to “About: Where it Began.

  1. A blank palate to fill with beautiful plants ( and some with history & memories). I know someday we’ll be downsizing and probably should do it sooner than later, but I have so many plants, shrubs and even trees given as gifts, that I would have to leave behind. The furniture I can live without!

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  2. Well as one gardener to another, I have to follow your blog, even though you grow all the plants that I can’t. You appear to have crammed a LOT in to your courtyard and maybe I’ll get some tips from you. I am moving soon and will have a quite small plot for the first time in years! Can’t wait!
    Jude xx

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    • I had to laugh when you noticed how much I cram into the space. That has probably been my greatest mistake. I like the overgrown look but its becoming a little overwhelming as things grow. It’s time to prune back and refine what I have in terms of structure. Good luck with the move and the new plot. It’s always exciting to begin a new garden. I look forward to hearing about it.

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  4. Beautiful. I love gardens. But forget about me ever keeping any plant alive. It’s never happened yet, and I seriously doubt that after I managed to kill the “unkillable” plant a friend gave me as a housewarming present, and a Bonsai tree, I doubt it’ll ever happen. 🤣 There’s something so peaceful about gardens.

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  6. You have to feel so wonderful. I live in an apartment and have always wanted a herb garden… but most of my efforts at emerging life is with words. My latest is a book on silence — cultivating it in the craziness of city life, to be precise. When I read what you wrote, it resonated with what I sought to do too: grow something that would normally take much more space. Made me smile. Would you care to read the book when it comes out in July? I can mail it over 🙂

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  7. Hello, I live in a different part of Australia ( Central Tablelands NSW) and would love to follow your blog although you grow different plants from me. Gardening is so good for the soul and endlessly fascinating.

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