Impatient Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens

I have a confession to make: I’m an impatient person. I wish I could say I’m a ‘recovering im-patient’ but that is not yet true.

Lately, I’ve been impatient for the seasons to change.

Oh, I know, here in Australia it’s officially Autumn and has been for a whole month, but nobody told the weather gods. The last few days have been wet and cooler, giving me hope that vacillating creature, Autumn, has finally arrived.

My impatience and a penchant for word association made a fitting leap to the flower of the same name, albeit the Latin version of the word. Many of us know the Impatiens as Busy Lizzie, a delicate shade and moisture loving plant with a kaleidoscope of jewel coloured flowers. Recent cultivars have resulted in more sun-tolerant varieties, although these cultivated plants don’t readily burst to shoot and scatter seeds from their ripened pods like the old varieties (ref.). In times past we could depend on them to self-seed and keep on giving. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say the cultivars have been designed this way to make us buy more seedlings. On the other hand, the cultivar flowers are larger and there’s great colour choice. The New Guinea varieties also have prettier leaves of multiple hues.

I like the idea of bursting and scattering like the Impatiens of old. But bursting and scattering what? Well, almost anything you can name; for starters, how about joy? Gratitude? Or even patience?

It seems as though I’m always impatient to get somewhere, only to find on arrival I’m looking ahead to be someplace else. It might be a place I’m headed for, a project completion, a discussion or an idea I want to reach conclusion on. Is this so bad? Well, on reflection I think it is. I think I need to slow down and enjoy the journey more, savour the moments.

I’m making an effort to stop racing ahead of myself, so I can enjoy the process. I’m rewarded with seeing the beauty of my surroundings, my ideas, projects and fulfilment in full flower. Like my Impatiens, I want to burst with joy and scatter my gratitude among you, gentle readers.

Patience is the art of concealing your impatience.  (I may have to settle for this).

Guy Kawasaki

Waiting is one of the things that human beings cannot do well, though it is one of the essential things we must do successfully if we are to know happiness. We are impatient for the future and try to craft it with our own powers, but the future will come as it comes and will not be hurried.

Dean Koontz

33 responses to “Impatient Impatiens

  1. I’m house-sitting here in Sydney at the moment, and helped my friend put a shrubbery (as the Knights Who Say Ni once requested) into the almost bare (apart from two trees) backyard, with a variety of native and flowering plants. The impatiens have been the standout successes, flowering like mad, through the heat and then loving the constant rain, Sydney has been ‘enjoying’. Even the cannas have found the downpours too much, but nothing has halted the impatiens.

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  2. I used to love popping the old varieties of Impatiens and watching their seeds explode everywhere. I must buy some this year for my courtyard. I am a more laid back sort of person, and I find living here has made me develop an even more laissez faire attitude to life 😉

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  3. and we are hoping Spring is truly here! I have been impatiently waiting for warmth. the birdsong brings my heart to life! So, I understand but also find myself being called into waiting and being in the present moment.
    Blessings and enjoy the Autumn!

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  4. I have a garden for the first time in 6 years. I have been impatient waiting for it to be mature and full. Right now it is has a sprinkling of daffodils which will spread as time goes on. I want it full and lush now. This post is a great reminder to savor the moments of each blossom. It would be easy to miss the daffodils impatient for the irises.

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    • You make me smile Catherine, because that’s exactly what happens to me. I wait so eagerly for the buds to appear, then for them to blossom. But as soon as they do, I’m on to the next. Oh, dear!

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  5. You’re so right – we must remember to allow ourselves to enjoy now! (But gardeners are always planning ahead, so I guess that we all have a bit of a problem with that one!)

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    • Jo, I am the most mysterious infuriating person I know. It’s so heartening when others read my musings and find something of themselves there. I’m especially delighted when my humble thoughts raise a laugh. Have a great day!


  6. This is not the adjective I associate with you, but you know yourself well, I’m sure. I had a complete change of heart over waiting a few years ago. There was a technical hitch at a seminar and the audience was just waiting, waiting. Then the distinguished choreographer said, “I like waiting. It’s my hobby.” And I knew this could be true for me too.

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  7. I’ve always wondered why Impatiens is so named – is it to do with the bursting and scattering? A plant that wants to get around? Likewise the other name, Busy Lizzie. It’s always struck me as a peaceful little creature with its love of moist and shady places – though I’m afraid I’ve had no success growing it outside. Just too many snails in search of snacks.

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