Autumn Arrives

Plumeria pudica

Autumn sidles into my garden wearing white Plumeria blossoms in her hair. Dressed in gauzy greens with an occasional flash of colour, she looks as though at any moment she might leave. She hasn’t yet decided and is not one for hasty decisions.

She holds in disdain the blowsy brashness of Summer. Autumnal hues are understated but elegant. She is overall, more reliable, less prone to moody outbursts. This lady keeps her own counsel.

Autumn evokes the slowing of passions and an air of fulfilment. Aloof, even distant, she looks down her nose when that bouncy hare, Spring, takes the stage. All that vim, vigour and fecundity is exhausting and so unnecessary for the tortoise in Autumn. She takes pride in measured responses.

Our lady Autumn, finds a greater affinity with Winter, although he can be deathly boring sometimes. He keeps dropping off to sleep mid-conversation, unless the subject is about him. He is by nature prone to morbid introspection, having time to spare and little energy. Some have even accused him of slothfulness. Although we won’t ask who ‘some’ are.

But currents run deep in Autumn. So much happens beneath her tranquil demeanour. I offer her a space to settle and take refreshments. A cup of herbal tea? Sage perhaps? No offence, of course. She is after all, the epitome of sageness.

She doesn’t reply. I look up to find her gone.

Sassy Summer sashays in to claim centre stage again, feverishly strutting her stuff, refusing to leave.

Oh dear! I’m so over her theatrics.

Late flush of growth on my Blueberry bush

23 responses to “Autumn Arrives

  1. What wonderful words Robyn! I love the way you have described autumn “Aloof, even distant, she looks down her nose when that bouncy hare, Spring, takes the stage.” and winter’s “slothfulness” 😀
    May your autumn be gentle and slow with lots of fruitfulness and mellow mists although the weather these days is far from being predictable! I on the other hand am totally geared up for the brashness of spring 😀

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    • Thanks Jude. Gentle is a good way to describe autumn. Although, as you say, we hardly know what to expect these days. I’m looking forward to a reprieve from the heat. Everything slows and it gives me a rest. Winter here is not usually severe so I can still garden. But before you know it I’ll be seeking out buds and other evidence of spring. My cymbidium orchids set spikes in late winter.

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    • Thank you Andrea! Sometimes personifying abstract concepts helps me to see their characteristics – the ones I can relate to. Some would call it anthropomorphising. But not me. How else can one relate on an emotional level to anything but from a human approach?

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  2. Love this blog Robyn. I am ready for Autumn too although I did see a prediction that she was procrastinating and will possibly be late! However, the already cooler nights are a blessing! Hoping Winter is more reliable this year too. 💕

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    • Thanks Rozzie. I’m glad you find something to like. I can’t wait for Autumn. She’s my favourite of the seasonal family. I’m enjoying the cooler nights as well.


  3. I had a patient come in who has just returned from visiting his daughter in Queensland. He said the heat was unbearable and so they didn’t get out as much as in previous visits. The days are lengthening for us and I love the longer days.

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    • Yes, the heat has been extraordinary because of the length of days it persists. I always recall summers with hot spells broken by cooler periods before the heat ramps up again. Not this year.

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  4. Robyn- I was tickled to think you are going into fall as we bounce toward spring. Such a lovely and true description of the seasons. It made me think how much it reflects the seasons of our lives. I’m feeling like your autumn garden now myself. Beautiful!

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