The Fertility Goddess

The old fertility goddess

This is a picture of my former self. Brand new and smiling. I liked my work. The pay was abysmal but there were perks:- greeting the early morning sunshine, the cozy company of bunnies and birds, communing with nature.

Bunnies and birds?  But wait! I know what you’re thinking and let me set you straight. The job description is ‘fertility goddess‘. Not scarecrow. Jeez, Louise, some people, and their assumptions!

All good things must come to an end, however, and my end was being dragged forward by exposure. Not the kind of exposure to my many fans who tooted and waved as they whizzed by. It was the elements that did it in the end. The seasons you see, have not been kind since my inception.

But then, one day we had visitors. Little people who saw me sad and disintegrating in the garden. They felt for my plight and I became fertile ground for their imaginations. They went into town. They shopped up a storm at the second-hand store, gathered fresh straw and new styling ideas. They drew me a happy face. One afternoon of fun and laughter and voila! I’ve had a makeover and I’m a new goddess.

The new fertility goddess

Even better, my job description has changed these days. I’m wearing a heart on my sleeve. I still serve as a symbol of hope for abundance. But also as a symbol for the vastness that is the idea of fertility. How intertwined with abundance it is. And to what the term ‘fertile’ might be applied. Fertile minds, imaginations, grounds for change, gardens – all can be fertile. As a fertility goddess, I stand for all of these. I come bearing reminders of good times had, messages of love and thanks.

These days, I’m standing watch over my garden again, still blooming with the hope of abundance. But now, I also bear witness to how love and appreciation can be expressed in unique ways. One person’s fertility goddess is another’s harbinger of hope; a blank canvas for messages of gratitude and love. Grandchildren drew these pictures and wrote these messages on me, the fertility goddess they gave new life to. Their great aunt is reminded of this each time she works in her garden which has become something greater because of my creation.

“Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.”

Morihei Ueshiba

“All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden.โ€
โ€”ย Tern Guillemets

38 responses to “The Fertility Goddess

    • Dear Jo, you have made my day! I’m delighted that you too, are delighted with my offering. Our fertility goddess exemplifies all I believe about a spiritual garden. I’m learning from my grandchildren.

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  1. A perfect tale for me to read just before my grand-daughter’s mandatory ballet-school concert. And I had just chosen a subtitle for my new book of poems: it’s The Way Of The Child. They play, they teach, we love, we learn.

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  2. I find myself more attracted to the first version of fertility goddess. I mean, she is quite appealing in her feminine way. . . (I described this in an attempted comment, but the gods of the internet intervened, probably for the best.) I did like the youth-inspired revision too, so there’s hope for us non-gardener guys.

    Great post, Robyn. Reminds me how blessed I am to enjoy visits with and from grandchildren. In fact, I just got a call from one, “Hi Poppy, want to go get a soda?” Amazing what conversations can happen over soda. Or garden art.

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    • Hello Albert, you slipped under my radar so I apologise for this tardy reply. The new goddess does look a little strange doesn’t she? The grandies are into Japanese anime which you can see is reflected in the rendition of the goddess’ face. There were a few arguments about what she should look like.
      How lovely to get an invitation like that from your grandie. I am very aware of the opportunities to spend time alone with them dwindling as they grow. I also try to appreciate every moment. Hope all is well with you.

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  3. Wow Robyn!! This is a powerful story. As I was reading this I was thinking the same thing that Albert conveyed until I got to the part about how the second goddess of fertility came into being. The love captured in the message is indeed what makes this goddess so appealing. The kiddos did very well.

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