Growing Trend


Have you noticed?

There has been a growing trend over recent years towards providores – restaurants and eateries that grow their own food or try, where possible, to source locally. I visited one last weekend.

Mavis’s Kitchen is nestled at the base of the majestic Wollumbin, also known as Mt Warning. Surrounded by World Heritage rain-forest and the fertile farmland of the verdant Tweed Valley, it’s no wonder the focus is on sustainability.

Situated on a former 25-acre dairy farm, the old Queenslander-style house has been transformed into a  country-style restaurant, serving up culinary wonders with fresh organic produce from their own expansive kitchen gardens.


After an amazing lunch, we strolled (or should that be waddled?) through the gardens, marvelling at the abundance. Nothing is wasted. Large compost heaps take care of garden refuse and vegetable wastage from the restaurant, having a second life as nutritious mulch. Chooks (chickens) provide eggs and grow fat on table scraps – I know how they feel! Fruit hangs heavy from sagging limbs.

I was reminded of our local farmers’ market at Murwillumbah and how people are embracing a ‘closer to nature’ approach to food. There is a trend toward growing their own. Or at least sourcing their food locally and making a choice for organic produce where possible. Just like the people of the war and post war era did when I was a child.

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Even in the limited confines of my tiny courtyard garden, I make room to grow food. My lemon crop was abundant this year; juicy and large from worm castings and close attention to soil microbiota. Similarly, I have enjoyed strawberries, herbs, perpetual spinach and other greens. And I have high hopes for a blueberry crop this season too, if the blooms on my bush are any indication. My ‘growing’ trend is to be constantly thinking of what I can grow successfully in the space available, and I’m sure I can do more.

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. Marianne Williamson

I wonder, is abundance relative? When we have plenty: like food, good relationships, health, opportunity to thrive, and even peace, do we take it for granted?  Do we still want even more? I know I must remind myself to be grateful for the abundance in my life – in all its manifestations.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

28 responses to “Growing Trend

  1. A garden and a library. Good enough for me! I’m afraid my attempts at growing my own has resulted in ‘Jude’s Café’ for slugs and snails – I swear they are biking in on their Harleys! Feet up on the raised beds after knocking back a few beans, kale and whatever else takes their fancy! I’m changing tactics next year – more herbs. My tomatoes have done well though and the basil, both now coming to an end. I do like a restaurant that grows its own produce to use in the kitchen, that way you know what you are eating is nice and fresh and in season.

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  2. Those two quotations framing your final paragraph– wonderful! You are blessed, Robyn. So are we, far away and living in very different circumstances, who get to see through your eyes (also your camera) and your words.

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  3. Dear Albert, thank you for your kind words. I think the blogging community and the friends I’ve made there are such a blessing – for all of us. We can share our lives and vicariously share the lives of others. I’ve learned so much and been enriched as a result. Your poetry moves and challenges me at another level. Keep composing!


  4. Robyn, Such a beautiful, abundant space! Now I realize where your inspiration lies. Books and plants – we are both agreed on life’s priorities, it would seem. I’m truly enjoying your book and have come to love the characters you’ve created. Take care, my friend. I’ll write soon.

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  5. More restaurants, businesses, corporations, etc. should get on board with growing fruit and vegetables, keeping chickens, raising bee hives and turning the world into green places where anyone can eat for free if they want to. I loved your post, Merry Christmas. Lee.

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