Weather …


Storm over Currumbin

… you are my sunshine, but let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Ever thought about how large weather looms in your life? How many songs are written about it?  How much the plans for the weekend depend on it?


A sparkling blue day

It’s no different for gardeners. The weather, or more properly, the climate decides what can or can’t be planted, what will thrive, or curl up its roots and die. Even when planted for the climate, weather events can uproot, blow down, desiccate, or drown plants. The weather also governs the plagues of pests or fungi to threaten the gardener’s passion, a farmer’s income and even whether there’ll be food to eat.

Weather features large in the gentle art of gardening. If you neglect to factor in the weather, be prepared to bear the consequences. I say ‘factor in’ because there is no ‘controlling’ the weather.

It was my grandson’s birthday yesterday which is why I missed my usual posting day. A big event was planned  to celebrate his special day on the banks of the beautiful Cudgeon Creek in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. We had almost everything covered: the food, the activities, the supervision, the first aid – there are always oyster shell cuts. Twenty two children were told to bring their swimmers, hats and sunscreen. A squealing force of nature hit the water like a reverse tide before the doors of the cars transporting them had barely closed. The sun bounced off the water and zinc covered noses.

But for days before, lurking in the backs of our minds among the formidable party logistics, was always the weather. We checked the forecasts offered by various phone apps. Yes, all the same result, unsurprisingly . We then consulted the BOM site (Bureau of Meteorology) for more official reassurance.


Fun in Cudgeon Creek

The good news on that diversionary tale is the promised storms (40% chance) failed to show – whew! A wonderful sunny time was had by all. But today the possibility of storms is higher.

Bear with me. I am coming to the point, which is I’m fascinated by the weather. It reigns over us in so many ways. Over the years I’ve photographed the more extreme weather we’ve suffered. I’ve lamented the damage done on large global and smaller individual scales, especially to the gardens I’ve fostered. The thing is, whether basking in the sun, or singing in the rain, it makes little difference. The weather just is. So I must try to accept it and be prepared.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.”
Elizabeth Edwards

This is called resilience. And I want – no – I need more of it.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

19 responses to “Weather …

  1. I’m glad the weather didn’t disrupt your grandson’s birthday celebrations, but you’re right to say it has a massive influence on our lives. It has even had a great influence on history. So many armies have perished in unseasonably icy winters and fleets foundered in unexpectedly stormy seas. Perhaps the English speakers around the world might now all be speaking Spanish had the Armada succeeded in conquering England, for example.

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  2. I am happy the party day turned out to be sunny.
    I’m pretty good at adjusting to any weather and that comes from living in New England where it can change within minutes and the weather men/women never seem to get the forecast right. They do love it when a storm is looming and seem to enjoy getting everyone stirred up and rushing to the grocery store to empty the shelves of bread and milk. I think it might rain tomorrow. My bones are creaking! Hope your day is a sunny one. Clare

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  3. Glad the day went well for the kids (and adults). I am a sky-watcher, just adore the changes in it. But I don’t like cold or wet weather as my circulation can’t cope with it – I get far too cold and uncomfortable. In winter (which it is here now) I’m to be found sitting in front of a fan heater much of the time. I’d rather sit in warm sun.

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