The Gift of the Unexpected


Budding Peace Rose

I’m apprehensive about leaving my tiny garden, even for a couple of weeks. Aaah! Human hubris I’ve caught you peering over my psyche wall.

What will my garden do without me? Will it survive without my daily ministerings, the love I lavish every day? And what about me? What special moments will I miss while I’m away? My Peace rose is in bud for the very first time, an orchid is busy unfurling buds, and together with the rare Hippeastrum podding up flowers, they’re among the imminent micro events of significance in my garden.


Unfurling cymbidium buds

Well, I’ve prepared as best I can. The irrigation system I installed some time ago (yes, I did it myself!) should see to water needs. Pots not serviced by the system will be put into the garden so they don’t miss out on a drink. The fish too, will feed from a long-term food block so they won’t starve. Hopefully my daughter will be on hand to deal with anything unforeseen.

I think I have most contingencies covered.

But one can’t really plan for the unexpected – I guess that’s why its called ‘unexpected’. Who was it said, ‘life is what happens while you’re busy making plans’? Some attribute the quote to John Lennon and look what happened to him.

So, if when I return, things have flourished, bloomed – or died, it will be a surprise. The same applies to me. Life is a series of surprises. But isn’t that the beauty of living a life? Not knowing is part of the mystery, the anticipation. That’s the gift for me.

I won’t be posting while away touring the Queensland outback in a camper-van with my daughter and sister. But, gentle readers,  I promise to share the stories, especially the unexpected ones, with you when I return.

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”
Angela N. Blount, Once Upon an Ever After 

24 responses to “The Gift of the Unexpected

  1. Touring the Queensland outback! That sounds like fun.
    And your Peace rose is lovely. Who knows? Your garden might relish a spot of independence, and look rather pleased with itself when you return.

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    • You’re probably right about my garden, Denise. One of the pleasures of going away is coming home. I see everything with new eyes.
      Yes. The outback will be fun especially with the company I’ll be travelling with. It’s the stories I find entrancing.

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  2. Have a fabulous trip. Special time with family and exciting nature wonders to explore. I’ll miss my Saturday “fix”!


    • Hello Robyn, thanks for following my blog. I see adventures on the horizon! I promise to gather stories like daisies and thread them onto my blog over time. : ) There are some interesting characters to meet on the road I’m told. Stay warm

      Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa did you find out what it was? I love those kinds of surprises. Buying un- named plants at local farmers markets is like that. You’re never quite sure what you’ll get.


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