Sowing Seeds


Day after the storm at Salt Beach, Kingscliff

I’m house-sitting at present in the northernmost part of coastal New South Wales at beautiful Kingscliff. After last weekend’s wild weather, I did a reconnaissance of the courtyard garden I’m caring for while my daughter and her family are away. It has fared extremely well given the significant deluge. But then there is a sandy substratum here which allows for rapid drainage. Pot-plants didn’t fare quite so well. Small seedling trays were flooded and their seeds have been washed away into the ocean by now. I don’t hesitate to put into perspective this small loss compared to that of others in this extreme weather event: homes, cars and some even lost their lives.


Flooded path around Cudgeon Creek

I pondered the idea of sowing seeds. There’s such an element of faith involved. Faith and hope. So often I’ve planted seeds only to have them fail or not thrive the way I’d hoped. But I’ve never considered giving up. I have faith the next time, or the one after,  I’ll have success.

It’s the same with ideas. As I walk around this lovely beach-side suburb with its carefully designed and tended gardens, ideas for my own courtyard garden clamour for attention. Not always in the same form as those I’m admiring, but these gardens inspire my ideas and ‘seed’ new ones for me. Seeking what works well in other people’s gardens sows the seeds of creativity which, when I think about it, contain that germ of trust; they need hope and faith to thrive.


How much of our lives are lived with an inherent faith that things will turn out the way we think they should; the way we hope? If I dig down to the substratum of my beliefs I find my faith is strong – I like to think I’m positive most of the time. An astute friend once remarked on my ability to ‘awful-ize’, to imagine like Henny-Penny that the sky was about to fall. Since then whenever the sky weighs dark and heavy, threatening to collapse, I’ve made a conscious effort to prop it up with one hand while clapping heartily with the other! Positivity is a choice for me, but one that needs to be constantly nurtured.

With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.

Dr Seuss



15 responses to “Sowing Seeds

  1. We were just talking about faith and hope and they go hand in hand. A friend remarked the other day , that she is always fearful of me cycling. I hope I will be safe and have faith that God will protect me. Then off I go into the world . I hope your little garden grows well

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  2. Faith in the future is certainly required when making gardens. Time is an active participant. I am bemused by those instant gardens produced on reality shows. No such thing!


  3. Sowing and nurturing seeds demand hope, whether those seeds are real or metaphoric. There are inevitable disappointments and then the unexpected seedlings… I’m with you on Dr Seuss – a family favourite. The first photo doesn’t link directly to the post but it’s a beautiful sky!

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    • Thanks Judith. The first photo is Kingscliff beach after the terrible weather event I spoke of in last week’s blog. I think it should be called Contemplation Beach because no matter the weather, it always invites my reflection. The sky is gorgeous isn’t it?

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  4. Your lead photo for this post Robyn is stunning. Another expression of faith is trusting that one will be okay regardless of what happens. Things don’t always turn out as we want them to, but if we find our through the experience and grow from it, all is not lost.

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    • I love this photo too. I know you’re familiar with mackerel skies. While not directly related to my post content, it’s a beach I love walking along for the way it evokes contemplation. Thanks for reading


  5. Your writings really capture my attentio right from start to the end..
    The images are so dope! And the messages beautifully expressed – Cezane

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