A ripple of movement snags my gaze, a tiny slender wand alights, with cellophane wings and huge prismic eyes. At just the right angle, Sunlight, ever the opportunist, finds delicate wings to magnify her shine. This thought hovers as I sit in contemplation in the quiet haven that is my garden. To the casual observer, this is a peaceful scene. My garden and I in repose. But beneath the surface of both, much is going on.

Listen carefully, and you’ll hear the rustle of leaves, bird chatter and insect buzz beneath the normal clamour of neighbourhood sounds. I wait camera-ready, as the dragonfly settles for a delicate moment before spinning off on a beam of light. No photo opportunity this time.

Watching dragonflies in my garden reminds me of thoughts, ideas. How elusive they are, flitting from one place to another, alighting for brief seconds before vanishing from view only to reappear unexpectedly.


Elusive and playful, like light on water

Who is the mysterious choreographer behind this capricious mind of mine? Who creates this random dance between purposeful thinking and unsolicited thoughts, the waltz of a mind off the leash?

Have you ever noticed how random thoughts can be? Unlike the logical sequence of stories, essays, discussion and the like, unbridled thoughts  zigzag from one association to the next. Often they take off on unrelated tangents. Sometimes spurred by pure inspiration epiphanies alight, surprising and delighting us and causing us to wonder at their source.

Capricious the process may be, but also valued highly by me for the creative magic it enables, taking me places I yearn to go – I don’t always know where until I get there.

Ideas are like adventures; they set me alight!

Not always ‘camera ready’, I often miss the opportunity to capture them. But others follow in their shaky flight path.

Wait! I’ve just had a great idea to restructure my garden. Now, hold that thought!


Off seasonal cymbidium orchid flowering

16 responses to “Alight

  1. Hello Kim, I seemed to have deleted your kind comment by mistake. I’m so sorry. I remember you said you too experience random fleeting thoughts. I think many people do. Thanks for visiting and sorry again for my slip on the keys.


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