A Fork in the Path

Oh joy! My Cymbidium orchids are sending up flower spikes. I’ve counted nine so far – the most I’ve ever had on one plant. Other pots have one or two spikes emerging but the plant I’ve deliberately kept in the light as an experiment, is what’s producing flower spikes.

Garden wisdom says the leaves are the best indicator of future flower success. The leaves should be a light, lime green to a yellowish colour. In the past, I admit to having felt a little smug about my lush, emerald-green  growth – until flowering season arrived and I had no blooms! So it was back to the drawing board having lost for a whole year, my opportunity for a six-week long, magnificent flower display .



Emerging flower spike on Cymbidium orchid

The disconcerting fact is that spikes appearing this early has never happened for me before. August/September is flowering time for these orchids here and yet it’s still only mid April. It does takes weeks for orchid spikes to develop, so blooms are some time away yet. Even so, I fear climate change is a player in this early appearance.  What does the future hold?

The thing is, the path ahead to ‘destination future’ isn’t clear. The twists and turns along the way, are not always predictable. Still, I stride out, intrigued about what lies ahead, what is just beyond the next bend, just beyond my ken. Given recent events, a near-miss for me and my daughter and a tragic death in our community,  it would be easy to be fearful. But there is no option to stay put, nor to turn back and retread the familiar path back to the past.


A winding path – not without obstacles – around the headland at Snapper Rocks, QLD Australia

So I look forward again and imagine a  fork in the path up ahead. I can go either way. Both signposts read ‘The Future’. The choice is mine. Metaphorically, I scratch my head, suffering as I do with ‘decisional paralysis’. Will I choose to take the way less lit? Or will I choose the path called ‘Optimism’, which appears much brighter somehow? Either way it seems to me unlikely my destination will be different. Only my perception of it is optional.

The way is clear.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”
Gautama Buddha

IMG_3479 (1)

Looking back to the familiar, along the path already travelled.


20 responses to “A Fork in the Path

  1. I, like you, fear that climate change is taking place. we have seen all the Spring flowers blooming together. Snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, tree blossom, all at the same time which has only happened for the last 2 years. We can only do what we can and go ahead with optimism.

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    • It’s been a very long warm summer here. We are still getting higher temperatures and haven’t really seen Autumn. I remember other anomalous seasons but given the evidence I think we must expect to see these things on a regular basis now.


  2. Just as we humans are, I would hazard a guess that the Cymbidium orchids are totally thrown off by the unseasonal heat, which one would expect in spring, not autumn. I don’t think there’s any doubt that climate change is a player in the vast climatic changes. I have a friend in West Virginia who so far over a couple of days has received 15” of snow. It’s not unheard of to receive a late dusting of snow in April, but it is for it to be so widespread across multiple states and for the temperatures to be so frigid with considerable amounts received.

    As for that fork in the road, my life to date has been full of them, some good, some not so. But I’ve always moved forward — not going back and doing it all over again – Groundhog Day style. I know some have difficulty with moving forward, and fear does play a part in that. I know of many people, who, after 9/11 in the US, cancelled all desire to fly. All these years later, some of them remain in fear, and of course political organisations can sometimes use that to sense of fear to their advantage.

    I like what a man from Brussels said following the terror acts there — words to the effect that “we will not be stifled; we will move forward in the face of fear and we shall prevail”. And they have done that pretty much.

    As for me — I have a fork ahead and pondering which way. I hope you choose the one best suited to you; but at least whichever you do, you’re moving forward. 🙂


    • I guess I haven’t doubted the science Kim but when it turns up in my backyard it’s unsettling and more real somehow. At least we’re not having to cope with all that snow your friend is getting!
      It’s funny the way life challenges come in packs, somewhat like wolves 🙂
      It certainly seems that way sometimes. I guess, it’s how we deal with them that’s important. Best wishes for the road ahead.

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      • Oh I never doubted your awareness of the science. Indeed, when it comes to your place then it’s definitely a lot more of an impact. Maybe the deniers of global warming would understand if the effects were felt in their own backyards instead of discounting it.

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      • Well, I think if all contributed it would be great, but we know that is not likely to happen. But at least in our own patch, we can. I recycle and try not to be wasteful. I don’t litter and I will pick it up if I come across it. Is it in time? Hmmm…it’s kind of out of control isn’t it, and the big polluters and those in denial haven’t helped. The current fed govt just amazes me with its lack of vision. It would say it does have a vision, but sadly that is all about coal, not renewable energy. 😦

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  3. Sometimes there are genuine forks in the road and sometimes such choices don’t appear. Either way, an optimistic attitude is likely to be the better one to try to adopt as we continue walking onwards. I admit it can be difficult at times, though. Certainly, I try to be a glass half full kind of guy, but I don’t always succeed.

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