Growing Positive Intent

Is it just me or do  things in general do better under the gaze of positive intent?

But let me explain with a story. When I was a child my nana told me that if you talked to your tomato plants they would do better, have bigger and more abundant fruit. I mean, this was from a woman who told me there were faeries at the bottom of her garden! But the strange thing was, her tomatoes did grow better than others in the neighbourhood, and the faeries, well, who can prove otherwise?  Since those days I have read much on the power of positive intent. I have experimented with plants, children, animals, writing, and yes, even myself.

And guess what? I think Nana was right!

Recently however, no amount of brilliant conversation or positive thoughts on my part were helping my dwarf lemon tree, ‘Lotsa Lemons’. The poor thing simply failed to thrive. I looked for reasons why this might be so and decided the problem might be one of drainage. Citrus like well drained soil. Since my lemon tree was in a large terracotta pot half sunk into surrounding soil, I felt the drainage could be improved.

I gave the tree a light prune – permissible in late winter – and then lifted it, carefully disengaging its roots from the pot. After removing all the old soil, I raised the pot and placed plenty of stones beneath it to allow the water to get away. Then after placing more stones inside, I replaced the pot in the hole on top of the stones and replanted the lemon tree in fresh potting mix enriched with worm castings and aged poultry manure. Citrus are voracious feeders. I added a handful of minerals for good measure; they work magic for me.

Winter is losing its impetus here in the southern hemisphere. Spring is on our seasonal doorstep, impatient to get on with, well, springing. My lemon tree remembers this at a deep cellular level and, determined to get a head start, has bolted upward, fuelled on by all my tender care.

So is positive intention a thought, or an action, or both?

Life is a reflection of intent.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

And as for those faeries … I positively intend to consult them again next time I have a problem.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on positive intent … or faeries for that matter.

Faerie ... no wait! Oh ... too quick for us ... she's gone!

Faerie … no wait! Oh … too quick for us … she’s gone!

18 responses to “Growing Positive Intent

  1. The fairies live in the little hole in the centre of pansies – MY nan told me that when I was a little girl! I grow pansies each spring and give a pot to my grandchildren if I can. They all know what lives in that little centre hole!

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  2. Yes, I’ve heard people claiming that talking to your vegetables makes them healthier, but that’s just silly. What’s obviously happening is that all that positive talk is just making the fairies, pixies and gnomes work harder.

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  3. Robyn, I think positive intent begins with a thought which in turn leads to a positive action and your lemon tree story is testament to this.
    Can’t say I ever saw fairies at the bottom of my garden though, but I did have an imaginary friend. Does that count?

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    • Thanks for responding Gina.
      On the face of it, your proposition would seem to be the obvious one, certainly in terms of my magnificent lemon. Imagine my surprise to find what a contentious issue it is when I looked into it further. Desires and beliefs also figure in the equation apparently. For example, I’ve often wondered why I get up in the night to get a glass of water before I’ve even had the thought that I want one. Strange but true. I know, I know, but sometimes my strange mind peregrinations absorb me, sigh. Perhaps that discussion is for another day … another couch.

      As for your imaginary friend, having one puts you into a very special bracket for imagination. Being a writer, this is auspicious for creating authentic characters.
      Thanks for taking time to visit. : )

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