The Darling Buds in My Mind Garden

One of the joys of my tiny garden is how easy it is for me to keep up with every exciting little development. In the last few days I’ve been watching as the buds on my soft cane dendrobium orchids  develop and swell with promise.

Last year my daughter (also an avid gardener – it’s genetic!) and I, attended the local orchid show. It was a crazy sensory overload of exotic blooms of every shape, size and colour. A vast variety of prize winning blooms were displayed and we marvelled at the winning growers’ efforts, shamelessly milking information from any of them willing to share. The growers were equally varied: young, old and  in-between, men, women and even some interested teens, from all walks of life. It fascinates me that such a diverse group of people can come together because of a common passion for plants.

There was also a stall at the show for enthusiasts to purchase supplies and plants – Oh, we thought we had died and gone to heaven! We employed our usual strategy of doing a first circuit of the show to compare what was available and within our budgets, then in the next circuit we made our choices and purchased.

I have since spent some time removing keikis (plantlets that sprout from the side of the canes) and then potting them. This was a new experience for me. Using the advice of growers at the show and research I had done on the web, I have managed to substantially increase my number of plants. Those purchases are now proving their worth. Before too long the buds that are growing bigger by the day will burst and I will bring them inside to enjoy.

As I write this post I’m again reminded of the parallels between my two passions: gardening and writing.

Just as those ‘darling buds’  on the dendrobiums develop and swell with promise, so too does the manuscript I’m working on. Ideas need constant nurturing and attention. The garden of my mind must be fed and encouraged no less than my tiny courtyard. Mind you, I hasten to point out that my mind garden is far more expansive, just in case you were thinking otherwise.

Nevertheless, without careful attention, planting, nurturing and then pruning of the superfluous and unproductive, imaginations fall into weedy ruin as quickly as any garden. Sure, there are failures and no-grows, and sometimes I have to ‘kill my darlings’, but hey, that makes the growing and the new knowing all worthwhile.


4 responses to “The Darling Buds in My Mind Garden

  1. I’d love to visit an orchid show. We live in a small flat (no garden) but we have a coupe of orchids which hubby takes delicate care of. They bloom once a year for a month. The rest of the year they look hopelessly dead, so each time they start blooming (and it happens fast!), it feels like a miracle! 🙂

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    • Orchid shows are an overload of the senses. The sheer beauty of nature leaves me speechless and the passion of the growers with their willingness to share tips is inspiring. I’m sure there will be an opportunity for you to experience one, one day.

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